Malin Sandgren

Game Programmer



I'm a game programmer graduated from The Game Assembly. I have worked at Midnight Hub on the puzzle game Lake Ridden since my internship in 2016. Being a part of a small team has given me a lot of responsibility.


My main areas:

- Gameplay programming

- Game design

- Lore writing


My experience is mostly from the above mentioned, but I have also worked on everything from sound, UI, controller support to AI programming. I know C++ and C# and I am very comfortable with Unity. My biggest strength is that I'm easy to work with. I'm humble, kind and I love to learn new things.


I prefer a close dialog with my team as I believe that good communication is vital in game development. My vision is to be a part of the creation of games that inspires or affects people, or simply makes them smile.


In my free time, I like to play all kinds of games and read books. I am also a big fan of cats.

Email: malin.r.sandgren@gmail.com


Linkedin profile here



Email: malin.r.sandgren@gmail.com